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Daniel Lawton
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Dan Lawton is an American video game designer and programmer who was the founder of Color Dreams. He programmed their NES sound driver and probably also worked on their Game Boy and Genesis sound drivers.

Music Development


Dan programmed a sound driver in 6502 assembly language and coded it so composers could write the music in Music Macro Language.


Released Title Sample
Unreleased The Escape from Atlantis (NES) Sound Driver
Unreleased Happy Camper (NES) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? Baby Boomer (NES) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? Crystal Mines (NES) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? Captain Comic: The Adventure (NES) Sound Driver
1989-??-?? Raid 2020 (NES) Sound Driver
1989-12-?? Robodemons (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Bible Adventures (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Challenge of the Dragon (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? King Neptune's Adventure (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Menace Beach (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Moon Ranger (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? P'radikus Conflict (NES) Sound Driver
1990-??-?? Pesterminator: The Western Exterminator (NES) Sound Driver
1991-??-?? The King of Kings: The Early Years (NES) Sound Driver
1991-??-?? Secret Scout in the Temple of Demise (NES) Sound Driver
1992-??-?? Joshua & the Battle of Jericho (NES) Sound Driver
1992-??-?? Operation: Secret Storm (NES) Sound Driver
1992-??-?? Spiritual Warfare (NES) Sound Driver
1993-??-?? Bible Buffet (NES) Sound Driver
1995-??-?? Sunday Funday: The Ride (NES) Sound Driver

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