Daisuke Inoue

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Daisuke Inoue
Daisuke Inoue - 03.jpg
Local 井上 大介 (いのうえ だいすけ)
Born 1958-08-14
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases D. Inoue, Uhei Inoh

This page is for the Hudson Soft/Joe Down Studio composer. For the other musician who used the stage name Daisuke Inoue, see Tadao Inoue.

Daisuke Inoue is a Japanese professional musician. While attending Hokkaido University, he joined a band called Quotations. He later formed the unit "Young Odeon" with former Pizzicato Five member Konishi Yasuharu, for which he composed and arranged music. He was in a music club with Takeaki Kunimoto, and like Kunimoto, was familiar with creating music on the MSX. As a result, he was subsequently hired by Hudson Soft as a composer. His first work for the company was scoring the music to the bonus stage in Milon's Secret Castle, while Kunimoto handled the rest. This was because the music was assigned to Kunimoto and Inoue via a phone call by the game's developer, Toshiyuki Sasagawa. He also composed one of the earliest titles of the TurboGrafx-16, China Warrior. After leaving Hudson Soft, he did music for Joe Down Studio, who worked closely with Hudson.

Audio Development

I smf'd it from Performer on my Mac, delivered it, and the rest was handled by Hudson staff.

For China Warrior, his music was implemented into the game by Toshiyuki Sasagawa. For Sadakichi Seven, his work was implemented into the game's audio engine by Toshiaki Takimoto. All of the TurboGrafx-16 games Inoue worked on used Takayuki Iwabuchi's sound driver.

Inoue used this method for his other game music as well.

According to Inoue, his method for composing video games varied from game to game. Sometimes, he'd simply be told what to write, other times he'd get images of the game, playing the game itself, and combinations thereof.


Released Title Sample Notes
1986-11-13 Milon's Secret Castle (NES) (迷宮組曲 ミロンの大冒険) Bonus Stage; Arranged by Toshiyuki Sasagawa.
1987-02-10 Adventures of Dino Riki (NES) (新人類 The New Type) With Takeaki Kunimoto.
1987-03-06 Mickey Mousecapade (NES) (ミッキーマウス 不思議の国の大冒険) With Takeaki Kunimoto.
1987-06-05 Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey (FC) (高橋名人Bugってハニー) With Takeaki Kunimoto.
1987-08-07 Robo Warrior (NES) (ボンバーキング) With Takeaki Kunimoto.
1987-11-21 China Warrior (TG16) (THE 功夫)
Unknown arranger, possibly Toshiyuki Sasagawa.
1988-06-24 World Class Baseball (TG16) (パワーリーグ)
Unknown arranger, possibly Toshiaki Takimoto.
1988-11-18 Sadakichi Seven: Hideyoshi no Ougon (PCE) (定吉七番 秀吉の黄金)
Arranged by Toshiaki Takimoto.
1988-12-?? Power League (X68) (パワーリーグ)
Unknown arranger.
1989-05-25 Power Golf (TG16) (パワーゴルフ)
Unknown arranger, possibly Toshiaki Takimoto.
1991-08-02 Vapor Trail (GEN) (空牙 OPERATION CODE ”VAPOR TRAIL”) With Shogo Sakai and Naoki Matsumura.
1991-11-?? Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball (SNES) All original songs not from computer version. Unknown arranger, possibly Make Software.
1994-03-04 Power Golf 2: Golfer (ROM2) (パワーゴルフ2 ゴルファー)
1994-08-05 Pokonyan! (GB) (ポコニャン) With Shoji Tomii, Minoru Endo, and Makoto Igarashi.
1995-03-17 The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes (SFC) (スパイダーマン リーサルフォーズ) With Shoji Tomii, Minoru Endo, and Makoto Igarashi.
1996-03-15 Virtual Casino (SAT) (バーチャルカジノ) With various others.
1997-01-14 Tengai Makyou: Dai-Yon no Mokushiroku - The Apocalypse IV (SAT) (天外魔境 第四の黙示録) Music Director
Credited as Sound: Programmer with Minoru Endo, Hironobu Yahata, and Yuzuru Funahashi.
1997-09-26 Bomberman 64 (N64) (爆ボンバーマン) Sound: Manipulate Chief

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The first game to credit Inoue, RoboWarrior credits him as Uhei Inoh. This is a homophone of his surname.