DRO Trimmer

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DRO Trimmer
Software - DRO Trimmer.png
Creator Jestar Jokin
Released 2008-12-26
Platform Linux, Windows
Website jestarjokin.net

DRO Trimmer is an open source multi-platform software suite working with DRO files. It was written by Laurence Dougal Myers (also known as Jestar Jokin) in the Python programming language.

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Suite Components


The main component of the suite is the trimmer (editor) which has very useful features:

  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Automatically remove bogus delay at the start of DRO v1 file.
  • Recalculate actual music length.
  • 5 types of loop analyzers.
  • Display file information such as DRO version, hardware type, length and calculated length in milliseconds.
  • Search instructions (delay, bank, or register).
  • Delete instructions what you wish.
  • Play song from the selected position.

However, there is no features to modify the instructions and to follow the list on playing music.

Other suite components are command line interface applications.


DRO 2 to 1 can convert DRO v2 files to older DRO v1 format. It's useful when you have another software which supports older DRO v1 format, but lacks support of DRO v2 (DRO to MIDI for example).


DRO Player has some special features which can be helpful for developers or musicians. It can control OPL channels and change bank (OPL3 only) in realtime. Also it can render the song to WAV file.


DRO Splitter allows to split input DRO file into multiple DRO or WAV files, one file per channel used.


Version Download Platform
4.4 Download - (info) Windows