DDTSS (NES Driver)

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David Dwyer Thiel Sound System
Released 1991-09-??
Programmers Leif Marwede
Language 6502 Assembly
Formats Unknown

David Dwyer Thiel Sound System (or DDTSS for short) is a official name of a sound program originally created by David Thiel for Action Graphics in 1983 when making C64 games, and Leif Marwede ported over DDTSS to the NES when making American Gladiators, for developer Incredible Technologies.

It is suspected that Marwede wrote the music, either in assembly language, or a utility to convert MIDI files into his sound driver.

Release History

The only released game to use this driver was American Gladiators, and it was the only NES game to be developed by Incredible Technologies. It only came out in North America.


The driver outputs to the 2A03. For music, it uses both square wave, the triangle, noise channels and DPCM channel.


Released Title Sample
1991-09-?? American Gladiators (NES)


Frequency Registers

Coming soon!


American Gladiators: ?