Compact Editor

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Compact Editor
Editor - Compact Editor.png
Creator Alberto Gonzalez
Released 1990-??-??
Platform ZX Spectrum

Compact Editor is a program for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum used to create music for video games. The program was developed by Alberto Gonzalez based on the design of NoiseTracker for the Amiga. Compact Editor was never publicly released, but its first version was finished in 1990 and Gonzalez continued to make improvements until the final version made in 1993. Though he didn't make any new versions of the program, Gonzalez continued using the program to make video game music for the Amstrad, MSX, NES, Game Boy, Game Gear, and even one of Game Boy Advance as recent as 2002. The program is written in the Spanish language.

The tool was designed for working with the P.D.S., a companion chip for the spectrum. Once a song was composed, it needed to be converted into source code that was sent through the P.D.S. to a PC, where it was edited, polished and compressed.


The following composers used Compact Editor:


Version Download Platform Notes
3.0 Download - (info) ZX Spectrum Spanish