Commodore CDTV

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Platform - CDTV.png
Commodore CDTV
Commodore CDTV.jpg
Released: 1991-03-??
Discontinued: 1993-??-??
Developer: Commodore
Type: Hardware

The Commodore CDTV is a CD-ROM based home multimedia platform which was released in 1991. CDTV is an acronym for "Commodore Dynamic Total Vision", although people were misinterpreting it as "Compact Disc Television" as early as April 1991.

The CDTV is of similar specification to the Amiga 500 home computer. In fact, in spring 1992, Commodore announced and released the A570, a CD-ROM drive for the Amiga 500.


Music and Sound

The Commodore CDTV uses the same Paula chip which was also used in all Amiga models. In addition to this, the CDTV has the capability to play Red Book CD Audio directly from the software CD.