Clik Clak (DOS)

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Clik Clak
Gear Works - DOS - US.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1992
Developer: Idea

Clik Clak (a.k.a. Gear Works in North America) is an action puzzle game where your job is to install clocks into 12 world monuments. You are given gear wheels at random sizes and must insert them onto pegs in order to connect all red wheels already fixed. At the same time, the engine is heating and two poffins hop around unscrewing pegs and rusting wheels. You have a limited supply of shots to chase away the pests, bombs to remove misplaced wheels, and oil to derust. Coins can be earned to stock up your supply, but points are deducted for unconnected wheels. After completing a level, an animated photo of the improved monument is shown.


Clik Clak - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Clik Clak - DOS - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Clik Clak - DOS - Start.png

At the next cuckoo call, it's level 1...

Clik Clak - DOS - Progress.png

...which consists of 5×2 screens.

Clik Clak - DOS - Game.png

My gear is running. Uh, but why is he hopping?

Clik Clak - DOS - Bonus.png

Win ammo, bombs and oil!


The pop music and piano cues are bouncy and, in comparison to other platforms, fuller in sound, yet also more shy than driving. The sound effects are extra annoying in DOSBox.

Some songs are also used in the Amiga and Commodore 64 versions, whereas some have been replaced by others. All titles are unofficial and numbered uniquely among the three versions. The in-game and progress song change every level, in the same order as in the table below. Which platform's music was done first is unknown.

Over the bonus round, completion photo and ending, the in-game song continues.


To record, the game was started with EGA graphics on a Pentium 60 MHz with a Sound Blaster 16. The progress jingles were renamed to play in-game, as the progress screen exits way too fast.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Intro 2 Paolo Galimberti 1:46
02 Progress 4 Paolo Galimberti 0:18
03 In-Game 5 Paolo Galimberti 3:10
04 Progress 2 Paolo Galimberti 0:17
05 In-Game 1 Paolo Galimberti 3:14
06 Progress 5 Paolo Galimberti 0:16
07 In-Game 3 Paolo Galimberti 2:43
08 Game Over 2 Paolo Galimberti 0:22


(Source for Galimberti: Main menu. Source for programmer: Code comparison.)

Game Rip






All songs lie open in the directory. The sound effects and drivers are hard-coded in clik.exe and gear.exe.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png


Icon - PC Speaker.png

At the command line, you can type:

Option Music Sound effects
\N Off Off
\S Off On
\N\A On Off
\A On On

The Ad Lib Music Synthesizer Card is only checked at 388hex. If you use VGA graphics, the music may be audibly delayed while the screen changes. In Clik Clak, you can force EGA by additionally typing \E. Gear Works does not support EGA.

In the Clik Clak main menu, the phonograph pauses and resumes all music and sound. However, in Gear Works, when the music is supposed to be off, Intro 1 keeps playing, and no other song or sound effect starts.


  Unknown.svg   Unknown
Title: Clik Clak
Platform: DOS
Released: 1992-0?-??
Publisher: Idea
  USA.svg   USA
Gear Works - DOS - US.jpg
Title: Gear Works
Platform: DOS
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Hollyware Entertainment


Clik Clak
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Notable Personnel Paolo Galimberti • Peter Hennig
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