Clik Clak

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Clik Clak
Founded 1992-0?-??
Last Release 1993-07-??

Clik Clak is a puzzle game where your job is to install clocks into 12 world monuments. You are given gear wheels at random sizes and must insert them onto pegs in order to connect the red wheels already fixed. At the same time, the engine is heating and two pests hop around unscrewing the pegs and rusting the wheels. You have a limited supply of shots to chase away the pests, bombs to remove misplaced wheels, and oil to derust. Bonus coins can be won to stock up the supply, but points are deducted for unconnected wheels. Other problems have to be solved by hurrying.

The game is humorous and cute, especially after completing a level, when an animated photo of the improved world monument is shown.


Clik Clak

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Clik Clak
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