Claude Verstraeten

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Claude Verstraeten
Claude Verstraeten - 01.jpg
Birth Place Belgium
Nationality Belgian   Belgium.svg
Aliases Visual Impact

Claude Verstraeten is a Belgian game developer. In 1995, he started working as a programmer for Virtual Studio, and later moved on to Psygnosis. In March 2000, Claude worked at Visual Impact, and programmed their sound driver for the Game Boy Color. This driver was licensed to other game developers. Claude left the company at the end of 2011. He currently is the CTO of Perfect Industry SAS.

Audio Development

Though Claude never wrote music, he programmed the software to create music for his Game Boy sound engine, in which music was written on a tracker on a PC.


Note: The Game Boy games contain the following text: Music Player Copyright VISUAL IMPACT BVBA 1999- followed by the release year of the game.

Released Title Sample Notes
1998-03-?? Brain Drain (GB) Sound Driver
1999-09-?? Antz (GBC) Sound Driver
1999-??-?? Halloween Racer (GBC) Sound Driver
1999-??-?? Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-??-?? Lucky Luke: Desperado Train (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-??-?? Tonic Trouble (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-??-?? Toonsylvania (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-06-?? Taxi 2 (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-06-09 Roland Garros French Open 2000 (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-10-11 The Adventures of the Smurfs (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-11-21 Mary-Kate and Ashley: Pocket Planner (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-12-01 Inspector Gadget: Operation Madkaktus (GBC) Sound Driver
2000-12-06 MTV Sports: Pure Ride (GBC) Sound Driver
2001-02-02 Dinosaur'us (GBC) Sound Driver
2001-02-02 Merlin (GBC) Sound Driver
2001-03-30 Antz Racing (GBA) Sound Driver
2001-10-18 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Digital Companion (GBC) Music System
2001-11-09 Fort Boyard (GBC) Sound Design
2002-02-15 MotoGP (GBA) Sound Driver
2002-04-26 The Jungle Book 2 (GBA) Sound Driver
2002-10-31 SSX Tricky (GBA) Sound Driver
2002-??-?? Taxi 3 (GBC) Sound Driver
2003-01-22 Taxi 3 (GBA) Sound Driver

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