Chip's Challenge (W16)

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Chip's Challenge
Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 - W16 - USA.jpg
Platform: Windows 16
Year: 1992
Developer: Epyx, Inc., Microsoft, Inc.
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Chip's Challenge is a strategy game where you control a boy named Chip who must explore a map and find microchips to place them into sockets to reach the next level. Each map is filled with an assortment of hazards like locked doors, conveyor belts, fires, pits, and monsters. To overcome these obstacles, you must use various helpful objects and quick thinking. While the game doesn't feature flashy graphics or smooth animation, there is plenty of fun and aggravation to be found in these 2-D tiles.

Chip's Challenge was one of the several games included in Microsoft's Entertainment Pack, Volume 4. It was originally released for the Atari Lynx.


Chip's Challenge - W16 - 1.png

The title screen.

Chip's Challenge - W16 - 6.png

Level 3 - Need to get a lot of shoes.

Chip's Challenge - W16 - 2.png

Almost done with level 3.

Chip's Challenge - W16 - 5.png

The hint in level 4.

Chip's Challenge - W16 - 4.png

Beat level 4 in record time!

Chip's Challenge - W16 - 3.png

Up to level 9 now!


There were only two background music tracks that played through the entire game, but they are well-composed and fitting to the game with an upbeat pop sound. Chip 2 plays on every odd level, Chip 1 plays on every even level. Also, if the Canyon.mid file (which came with Windows 3.1 and greater) is in the Windows folder, it will be added to the front of the rotation. The soundtrack includes both a MIDI and AdLib recording of the soundtrack. The MIDI soundtrack starts with a 1, the AdLib soundtrack starts with a 2.

In Windows 3.1, to find out what track will play on that level, divide the level number by 3. If the remainder is 1, Chip 2 plays on that level. If the remainder is 2, canyon.mid plays on that level. If there is no remainder, Chip 1 plays on that level. Example: 131 / 3 = 43.667 or 43 R2, which means canyon.mid will play on level 131.


Note: some of the recording files have wrong names. They should be renamed according to the Recording rules.

Issue - Tags.svg

These files need to be renamed.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
101 Chip 1 Unknown 1:23
102 Chip 2 Unknown 1:41
103 Trip Through the Grand Canyon George Stone 2:03
# Title Composer Length Listen Download
201 Chip 1 Unknown 1:21
202 Chip 2 Unknown 1:38
203 Trip Through the Grand Canyon George Stone 2:03


(Game lacks credits)

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Source verification is needed.


Game Rip






The type 0 MIDI files are installed in the installation folder. The MIDI recording was made with Winamp, and AdLib recording was logged into DRO format through DOSBox 0.74 and recorded with AdPlug 1.8.2.


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Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 - W16 - USA.jpg
Title: Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4
Platform: Windows 16
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: Microsoft, Inc.