Chex Quest

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Chex Quest
Chex Quest.png
Founded 1996-??-??
Last Release 2008-09-06

Chex Quest is a pair of games developed by Digital Café and published by Ralston-Purina. Only two official games were released, but numerous mods have been made by fans. Chex Quest has the distinction of being the first ever released total-conversion based on the Doom engine. The sequels aren't full games, but rather PWAD mods that run from batch files.


Notable Songs

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies


Chex Quest
Chex Quest Platform - DOS.png
Chex Quest 2 Platform - DOS.png
Chex Quest 3 Platform - W32.png
Notable Songs Intermission
Notable Personnel Andrew Benon
Notable Companies Digital Café • Ralston-Purina