Catch Triforce Fanfare

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Catch Triforce Fanfare
Output - NES.svg
The Legend of Zelda - NES - Get Triforce Fanfare.png
Composer Koji Kondo
Arranger Koji Kondo
Released 1986-02-21
Length 0:07.47
Format NSF.png
Game The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Title Origin Official
Loops No

After Link slugs his way through the bowels of an underworld and defeats to beastly boss, he finds his way into the Triforce Room to collect an 8th piece of the Triforce of Wisdom. When he holds the Triforce shard on high, you are rewarded with the Catch Triforce Fanfare. It's a happy little ditty that motivates you to continue your quest.

The title comes from the Famicom 20th Anniversary - Original Sound Tracks, Vol.1 album. The song is track 6 in the NSF file.