California Speed (N64)

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California Speed
California Speed.jpg
Platform: Nintendo 64
Year: 1999
Developer: Atari Games Corporation
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California Speed is a racing game originally released for the arcade by Atari in 1998 and later ported onto the Nintendo 64 by Midway in 1999. The game had lots of cars to choose from, from a golf cart to a bulldozer, you could race through many of the locations of California, including Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, Central Valley, and more. The game runs off of an engine identical to that of the San Fransisco Rush series, also created by Atari and Midway games. Along the way, players can unlock certain tracks by completing certain championships and earn locked cars.

The game mostly had bad reviews, mostly due to it not being faithful to its Arcade counterpart. Most of the time, your car will be crashing into things because of the controls. Still, the game can be enjoyable if you can ignore the pixelated graphics and not-so-good controls.

The game also features some Easter eggs, such as the creepy billboard in the Mojave Desert level (in the N64 port).


California Speed N64 mommies and puppies billboard.png

The infamous creepy billboard.

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The game contains lots of genres of music; country, disco, house, techno but mostly rock tracks. Some of the music is ported from the arcade version which is in higher fidelity. While the game credits Barry Leitch for music, it doesn't mention Pablo anywhere in the credits, but have gotten verification from both composers.

Barry Leitch has given us the original .XM files that were used in the game, however, there are a couple songs in the game that he did not have or weren't in their entirety. In this regard, we have recorded those songs from an actual Nintendo 64 console! Also, we have associated the songs with their official file names.


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# TitleInternal Name Composer Length Listen Download
01 Main MenuBUMPX Barry Leitch, Pablo Buitrago 2:20


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Game Rip

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USF.png XM.png



While Nintendo 64 game music can be ripped as USF, there are no actual rips. Barry Leitch gave the original XM file, and it's the only file in actual rip; but he doesn't have files for another music.

Ripping Nintendo 64 music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


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California Speed.jpg
Title: California Speed
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released: 1999-02-28
Publisher: Midway Games