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Player - Cakewalk Professional v3.01 For Windows.png
Creator Twelve Tone Systems, Greg Hendershott
Released 1987-11-12
Platform DOS, Windows 16, Windows 32

Cakewalk is a MIDI sequencer designed by Greg Hendershott for DOS, though it was later released for 16-bit Windows and then 32-bit Windows. The program features audio mixing and General MIDI recording.

Cakewalk was released for 9 versions before being re-branded as Sonar. Various composers used it to compose music for their games. The first 4 versions of the program relied on an MPU-401 MIDI adapter, but later versions used UART instead. The earliest versions were pure MIDI programs, but later versions began implementing custom WAV format instruments. At some point the program was split into two flavors, Professional which was fully featured, and Express a crippled version often bundled with sound cards and MIDI devices.

The program uses a proprietary WRK format, but can import and export MIDI files as well.

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The following composers used Cakewalk:


Version Download Platform
3.01 Windows 16 Download - (info)