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Developer: Roland
Released: 1989-??-??
Type: External Device
Icon - CM-64.png
Platforms: Platform - DOS.pngPlatform - W16.png

The CM-64 or Computer Music - 64 is part of Roland's linear arithmetic sound module line of home synthesizers and combines the functionality of a CM-32L (using an LA32 synthesizer) and a CM-32P in a single unit. This gives it the functionality of both an instrument synthesizer and a sound effect generator. Since the CM-32L is compatible with the MT-32 and LAPC-I, the CM-64 is also compatible.

The CM-64 features MIDI in, out, and thru, as well as individual-channel 1/4" stereo output, and 1/4" stereo headphone output. Like the CM-32P, the device has an expansion card slot in the front. It originally sold for $1,395.



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Emulation Status

The instrument synthesis of the CM-64 is very similar in design to the MT-32 and the LAPC-I, so some emulation progress has been made through Munt.

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