CDFM Tracker

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CDFM Tracker
CDFM Tracker.png
Creator Tran
Released 2015
Platform DOS

The CDFM Tracker was used by Renaissance to create CDFM and .670 files for their demos and games. The format was first used in 1992 with the Amnesia demo, and there were plans to release the tracker in 1997 but that never happened. In the end, the unfinished tracker including all its source code was made public by Daredevil in November 2015.


  • Song formats that can be read: CDFM
  • Song formats that can be written: CDFM, 670
  • Instrument formats that can be read: ?
  • Instrument formats that can be written: ?


The tracker, conversion utilities, and all CDFM songs (including unreleased tracks) can be downloaded from the page where the release was announced.