Bubble Ghost

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Bubble Ghost
Founded 1987-1?-??
Last Release 1990-1?-??

Bubble Ghost is a non-violent skill game created by Christophe Andréani on his Atari 1040ST and ported to other platforms by Infogrames (under the name of recently-bought Ère Informatique). Each port has different audio.

You have to maneuver a bubble out of a castle, which you do by blowing. Being a ghost, you can rotate and hover through all obstacles without being hurt, but the bubble (which keeps your soul) bursts as soon as it touches anything. Accolade added that you are the spirit of crazy inventor Heinrich Von Schtinker. Subsequent releases feature a two-player and a practice mode.

Upon Infogrames' request, Andréani started designing Bubble Ghost 2. Unfortunately, they also stopped paying him royalties. Although this dispute was settled, an actual sequel was never finished. Later, Infogrames re-released Bubble Ghost as Bubble + with medieval graphics, a story about a playful spirit and his soap bubble, but the same 35 levels.


Bubble Ghost

Bubble +

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Bubble Ghost
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Notable Personnel Hitoshi Sakimoto • Stéphane Picq
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