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Golden Disk 64 3-92 - C64 - Germany.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1992
Developer: Byteriders

Brubaker is an icon-driven adventure. An aged former CIA agent, you found your own agency and accept a simple mission to transport a barrel of plutonium to another location. As you fly over the Bermuda Triangle, your plane is shot and you are stranded in a strange world.

The game has a score and several, partially unforeseeable, unwinnable and deadly situations. Like the previous Byteriders adventures, the writing is humorous, although this time more cynical than absurd. It was published in German language only, but has been unofficially translated into English.


Brubaker - C64 - Title.png

Recalling this game in your autobiography.

Brubaker - C64 - Start.png

You may now move the cursor.

Brubaker - C64 - No Way.png


Brubaker - C64 - Corridor.png

This is big!

Brubaker - C64 - Cutscene.png

Hit or miss?

Brubaker - C64 - Game Over.png

Why die?


The actual gameplay is silent and the atmosphere described by text. Occasionally, it is interrupted for a triumphant or alarming jingle or even a cutscene with sound effects. The music is generally atmospheric and fitting, although Loader may have to be considered a cliffhanger.

Hartwig used RoMuzak v6.3. The titles given below for his songs are unofficial.

Huus used his own editor and drivers and gave his titles in two demos. Huus states on his blog that he was never paid and for many years believed that the game was not finished.


The music uses SID's built-in filter, which sounds different on every SID chip. Hartwig's songs were recorded from the game running in VICE 3.2 with the model 6581 (ReSID) and a filter bias of 100. While it is the best-sounding tried configuration, it is unconfirmed how close it is to Hartwig's. Huus' songs were recorded with a filter bias of 333 to resemble his own recording of Title-Music on his blog.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title-Music Jens-Christian HuusJens-Christian Huus 4:30
02 Loader Stefan HartwigStefan Hartwig 2:53
03 Score Stefan HartwigStefan Hartwig 0:01
04 Puzzle Solved Stefan HartwigStefan Hartwig 0:06
05 Body Stefan HartwigStefan Hartwig 0:08
06 Snow Monty NormanStefan Hartwig 0:11
07 Whistling Jens-Christian HuusJens-Christian Huus 0:05
08 Computer On Stefan HartwigStefan Hartwig 0:03
09 Entrance John WilliamsStefan Hartwig 0:08

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Game Rip






Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip.


  Germany.svg   Germany
Golden Disk 64 3-92 - C64 - Germany.jpg
Title: Golden Disk 64 3/92
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1992-04-??
Publisher: CP Verlag GmbH