BreakThru! (SNES)

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Platform: SNES
Year: 199
Developer: Spectrum Holobyte

BreakThru! is a puzzle game created by Alexey Pajitnov, the same guy who created Tetris. In this game, you play in several various locations around the world. There are a bunch of blocks and your goal is to clear them all off the screen. You do this by matching two or more of the same color together.



The title screen.


The game's music does not disappoint in the audio department. Paul Mogg and Joseph White came together to provide and amazing soundtrack while Andrew Edlen's New York song is really catchy.

Andy had this to say about the New York music:

the NY track was intended to invoke midtown taxicabs with a ton of attitude:-} Using a General Midi bank of sounds (waaay before the arrival of the great samples that became possible with faster processors), the horns in particular had a nice, nasal NY feel to them.









01 Title Screen Paul Mogg, Joseph White Unknown 1:50 4.28 MB
02 Berlin Paul Mogg, Joseph White Unknown 1:21 3.13 MB
03 London Paul Mogg, Joseph White Unknown 2:14 5.13 MB
04 San Fransisco Paul Mogg, Joseph White Unknown 2:21 5.42 MB

| 05 | Moscow | Paul Mogg, Joseph White | Unknown | 1:21 | 3.11 MB


|- | 06 | Moscow | Andrew Edlen | Unknown | 2:08 | 4.91 MB