Big Bird's Hide and Speak (NES)

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Big Bird's Hide & Speak
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Year: 1990
Developer: RSP Inc.
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Big Bird's Hide & Speak is a educational game for children based on the popular TV show Sesame Street. There are six different games to choose from, all of which are themed on the children's game hide and seek. In order to include children of varying ages, the games rage in difficulty from the easy matching the correct muppet, to the more difficult spelling words from jumbled letters. The game is noted for its high-quality digitized voice of Big Bird which includes an enormous amount of speech for an NES game.


Big Bird's Hide and Speak - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Big Bird's Hide and Speak - NES - Menu.png

The six different games.

Big Bird's Hide and Speak - NES - Hide and Seek.png

Playing hide and seek.

Big Bird's Hide and Speak - NES - Jumble.png

Playing letter jumble.

Big Bird's Hide and Speak - NES - Grover's Theme.png

Grover on a pogo stick.

Big Bird's Hide and Speak - NES - Ernie's Theme.png

Ernie riding his skateboard.


Besides the digitized sounds, the best part of this game is the music. It uses the Sesame Street theme at the title and a jazzy theme for each character. After you complete a game, one of the Sesame Street characters will come out of the house and perform a little stunt with their own theme.

According to Michael Riedel, due to the large amount of digitized speech, the sound driver had to be cut down to one instrument for the square waves and one drum for the noise channel.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Sesame Street Theme Joe RaposoMike Riedel 1:07
02 Bert's Theme Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:22
03 The Count's Theme Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:28
04 Elmo's Theme Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:29
05 Ernie's Theme Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:14
06 Grover's Theme Nick ScarimMike Riedel 0:16



Game Rip

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This rip is missing songs.







  USA.svg   USA
Title: Big Bird's Hide & Speak
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Released: 1990-10-??
Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.


Sesame Street
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Big Bird's Hide and Speak Platform - NES.png
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