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Battleship - GG.jpg
Platform: Game Gear
Year: 1993
Developer: NGM Productions
This page is for the Game Gear port of the NES game. For the NES version, see Battleship (NES).

Battleship is a game based on the board game. It is a direct conversion of the NES game.

Though the game says it was developed by NGM Productions, this is an alias for Kalisto.


Battleship - GG - Title Screen.PNG

The game's title screen.

Battleship - GG - Gameplay 1.png

Placing my ships on the board.

Battleship - GG - Gameplay 2.png

Attacking the enemy.

Battleship - GG - Lose.png

The game over screen.

Battleship - GG - Gameplay 3.png

The battle report.

Battleship - GG - Ending.png

The ending.


The game's soundtrack was composed by Mark Knight, making it his only Game Gear title. However, he wasn't directly involved with the development of the Game Gear version, as he only worked on the NES version. Mark Knight composed MIDI files in Cubase for the Atari ST, and then Gil Espeche from the Game Gear conversion team at Kalisto programmed a Z80 sound driver and converted Mark's compositions to his driver. The main difference besides the sound difference of the Game Gear's SN76489 and the NES's RP2A03 sound chips, is that the music is all transposed in a different key compared to the NES version.

The Setup music from the NES, while present in the game's code, goes unused. During setup, the song plays the stage theme.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Mark KnightGil Espeche 1:46
02 Setup Mark KnightGil Espeche 1:45
03 Stage Theme Mark KnightGil Espeche 1:29
04 Win Mark KnightGil Espeche 0:29
05 Lose Mark KnightGil Espeche 0:35
06 Ending Theme Mark KnightGil Espeche 1:29


(Source: NES version, verification from Gil; game lacks audio credits.)

Like the NES version, when you beat the game, you get a credits screen. However, none of the development staff are credited. The only revealing thing is that the credits screen gives credit to NGM Productions, which is an alias for the French game developer Kalisto. We have contacted programmer Gil Espeche who verified his role in the arrangement for the Game Gear version's music.

Game Rip






The VGMs were logged in Fusion 3.64. However, hacking was required to get the songs. ValleyBell talks about it here. You can learn how to log VGM files here.

Audio Devices

The game uses the Game Gear's stereo SN76489 for music and sound effects.


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Battleship - GG.jpg
Title: Battleship
Platform: Game Gear
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Mindscape