Battle of Britain

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Battle of Britain
Output - SID.svg
Battle of Britain - C64 - Main Menu.png
Composer Ian Maxwell or Rob Hubbard
Arranger Ian Maxwell or Rob Hubbard
Programmer Ian Maxwell or Rob Hubbard
Released 1985-??-??
Length 3:50
Format SID.png
Game Battle of Britain (C64)
Title Origin Game Title
Loops Yes

Battle of Britain is a song that plays at the main menu of the game Battle of Britain. The High Voltage SID Collection lists Rob Hubbard as the song's composer, an interview in ZZAP! 64 No.16 from August 1986 lists Battle of Britain (PSS) among his works and the driver is identified as his, but the game manual credits the song's composition and programming with Ian Maxwell.

The song begins with the sound of an airplane taking off before opening into the proper tune.