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Bad Dudes
Bad Dudes.png
Founded 1988-04-??
Last Release 2010-07-27

Bad Dudes, also known as Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja is a scrolling platform beat-em-up by Data East, originally released in the arcade, but later ported to every major platform of the late 1980s. In the game, the president has been kidnapped by ninjas, and the players, who are martial arts experts, must beat the crap out of seven stages of ninjas, each with a final boss, to rescue the president.

The game's ridiculous plot made the game famous and it appeared in the movies Parenthood and RoboCop 2, as well as having a popular Internet meme. Despite the game's popularity, a sequel was never produced.


Bad Dudes

Notable Songs

Notable Audio Personnel

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Bad Dudes
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Notable Songs Fist of Fury • Lightning Speed
Notable Personnel Azusa Hara • Hiroaki Yoshida
Notable Companies Data East • Imagine • Ocean Software