Avoid the Noid

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Avoid the Noid
Founded 1986-??-??
Last Release 2021-04-26

The Noid was an advertising character for Domino's Pizza, and Avoid the Noid a slogan. The Noid is a gnome in a red rabbit suit who tries to destroy pizzas, laughing maniacally, before backfiring on Domino's. This campaign was created by Domino's advertising agency Group 243 and claymation animators Will Vinton Studios.

On January 30, 1989, a paranoid took hostages at a Domino restaurant because he believed the character was based on him. This was not necessarily the campaign's demise, as the first game was being developed about half a year later, with more following. Both the character and the first DOS version are still remembered and either loved or hated.


Avoid the Noid

Yo! Noid

Originally released in Japan as Kamen no Ninja: Hanamaru.


Avoid the Noid
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