Astro-Grover (A2GS)

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Astro-Grover (Apple II GS).jpg
Platform: Apple IIGS
Year: 1987
Developer: Hi Tech Expressions

Astro-Grover is an educational mathematic game for the Apple IIGS. Based on the popular kids show, Sesame Street. Your loveable astronaut monster, Grover makes friends with Zip from the planet Zap. There are five modes:

  1. How many Zips?
  2. Beam that Zip.
  3. Addition Countdown!
  4. Take it away, Zip!
  5. Some up, Some down.


Astro-Grover title.gif Astro-Grover Beaming Zips.gif

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Sesame Street
Astro-Grover Platform - A2GS.png
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