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Arkanoid - ARC - USA.jpg
Platform: Arcade
Year: 1986
Developer: Taito Corporation
For other games in the series see Arkanoid.

Arkanoid is an action ball-bouncing game built on the theme originally designed by Atari's Breakout. You control a paddle (a spaceship named "Vaus") at the bottom of the screen by turning a dial rather than a directional joystick. With the paddle, you must bounce a ball toward a wall of "bricks" at the top of the screen. Each hit breaks a brick, and when they're all broken, you move to the next stage. However, if you miss the ball with your paddle, you lose a life.

Taito innovated several new features to the Breakout theme which would later become staples of the genre including invincible gold bricks, monsters that roam around the screen, and capsules that grant power-ups like making your paddle bigger, breaking the ball into multiple balls, the ability to catch the ball, and so on.


Arkanoid - ARC - Title.png

The game's title screen.

Arkanoid - ARC - Story.png

The opening story.

Arkanoid - ARC - Level 1.png

Level 1 introduces you to the game.

Arkanoid - ARC - Level 3.png

Things are already pretty hard by level 3!

Arkanoid - ARC - Level 4.png

The two columns of level 4 bounce the ball at odd angles.

Arkanoid - ARC - Level 5.png

A nod to Taito's earlier game, Space Invaders.


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Arkanoid - ARC - Album Art.jpg

The bulk of Hisayoshi Ogura songs for Arkanoid are just short jingles, but he did compose a proper song for those few skilled players who are able to beat the game and see the ending. The game also has an unused jingle in the ROM which doesn't appear to be played anywhere in the game.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Start Demo Hisayoshi Ogura 0:04
02 Game Start Hisayoshi Ogura 0:02
03 Extend Hisayoshi Ogura 0:01
04 Dimensional Fortress Doh Hisayoshi Ogura 0:04
05 Game Over Hisayoshi Ogura 0:02
06 Name Entry Hisayoshi Ogura 0:42
07 Unused Hisayoshi Ogura 0:05



Arkanoid does not have a normally accessible credits screen. However, years after the game's release, it was revealed that the original Japanese version contained code for a full staff list, complete with developer portraits. It appears the staff credits were pulled from the international release. It is unknown why the credits are inaccessible in the Japanese version. It is possible the developers didn't have time to write code to access them, or may have simply added the staff list for padding for any extra space left in the ROM. The former could be supported by the fact that the name entry theme (that plays after beating the game) playing during the staff roll.


Taito Game Music

Taito Game Music - Cover.jpg


Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.







The internal format is unknown and a true program rip does not yet exist. The VGM logs were made using MAME and recorded with VGM Input v0.40 in Winamp. The Player Extend track has not been ripped and was recorded during game play.

Audio Devices

Arkanoid uses a YM2149 clocked at 1.5 MHz for music and sound effects.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Title: アルカノイド (Arkanoid)
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1986-??-??
Publisher: Taito Corporation
  USA.svg   USA
Arkanoid - ARC - USA.jpg
Title: Arkanoid
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1986-??-??
Publisher: Romstar, Inc.
  EU.svg   EU
Title: Arkanoid
Platform: Arcade
Released: 1986-??-??
Publisher: Taito Corporation


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Notable Songs Game Start
Notable Personnel Hisayoshi Ogura • Katsuhisa Ishikawa • Yasuhisa Watanabe • Seiji Momoi • Hirokazu Koshio • Martin Galway
Notable Companies Taito • Romstar