Aria di Mezzo Carattere

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Aria di Mezzo Carattere
Output - SNES.svg
Composer Nobuo Uematsu
Arranger Nobuo Uematsu
Programmer Minoru Akao
Released 1994-04-02
Length 3:55
Format SPC.png
Game Final Fantasy III (SNES)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Aria di Mezzo Carattere is played during Celes's solo in the opera scene in Final Fantasy III (SNES). It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu with lyrics by Yoshinori Kitase. The song provides the basis of Celes's Theme. Each release of Final Fantasy VI (SNES, GBA, PS1) alters the song slightly and the lyrics differ across the various versions and translations.


The song's title varies depending on your source. This site uses the most recent American release of the official soundtrack.

Title Transliteration Source
Aria di Mezzo Carattere US iTunes soundtrack
Aria di Mezzo Carattere US OSV
アリア (Aria) Aria Japan OSV

The title for English-speaking regions is Italian for, "aria of half-character," probably in reference to the fact that Celes is portraying Maria. "Aria" is the Italian word for "air", but, when used in a music context, represents a self-contained song, usually solo vocals accompanied with orchestration.


The following games include the song as well, but they emulate the music and sound the same.

  • Final Fantasy Anthology PAL (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy VI (AND)
  • Final Fantasy VI (FOS)
  • Final Fantasy VI (GBA)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PS3)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSV)
  • Final Fantasy VI (WII)
  • Final Fantasy VI (WIIU)

Album Appearances

The song remains a favorite by fans and has been performed numerous times by professional groups. It is on the OSV album in its original form. It is also featured on the Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale album where it is played by the Milan Symphony Orchestra and sung in Italian by Svetla Krasteva.

Sheet Music


English Lyrics


Oh my hero, so far away now.
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day.
It's just a fading dream.

I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
Our love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can be,
Only you, my chosen one...

Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more!

We must part now, my life goes on.
But my heart won't give you up.
Ere I walk away, let me hear you say
I meant as much to you....

So gently, you touched my heart.
I will be forever yours.
Come what may, I won't age a day,
I'll wait for you, always...


O my hero, my beloved,
Shall we still be made to part,
Though promises of perennial love
Yet sing here in my heart?

I'm the darkness, you're the starlight
Shining brightly from afar.
Through hours of despair, I offer this prayer
To you, my evening star.

Must my final vows exchanged
Be with him and not with you?
Were you only here to quiet my fear...
O speak! Guide me anew.

I am thankful, my beloved,
For your tenderness and grace.
I see in your eyes, so gentle and wise,
All doubts and fears erased!

Though the hours take no notice
Of what fate might have in store,
Our love, come what may, will never age a day.
I'll wait forevermore!

Japanese Lyrics


Itoshi no anata wa tooi tokoro e?
Iro asenu, towa no ai, chikatta bakari ni

Kanashii toki ni mo, tsurai toki ni mo,
Sora ni furu, ano hoshi o anata to omoi.

Nozomanu chigiri o kawasu no desu ka?
Dou sureba? Nee anata? Kotoba o matsu.

Arigatou, watashi no aisuru hito yo
Ichido demo kono omoi yureta watashi ni

Shizuka ni, yasashiku kotaete kurete,
Itsumademo, itsumademo anata wo matsu.


色あせぬ 永久の愛、誓ったばかりに





Italian Lyrics

The Italian lyrics are never used in the game, only in operatic performances.


Amor mio, caro bene
Perché vai lontan da me?
Giurasti un amor, che mai non dovea
Aver fine per noi

Nei momenti di tristezza
Nei momenti di dolor
A te, mia stella, penso
Con infinito ardore

Un legame senza speme
Perché mai dovrei aver?
Che cosa tu vuoi ch'io faccia oramai
Mi devi dire tu

Ti ringrazio, caro bene
Amor mio, vita mia
Al grave doler, al buio timor
Che il cuore mi turbó

Dolcemente, con amore
Hai risposto al mio gridare
Per sempre ognor, per sempre ognor
Qui a me, t'attenderò


My love, dear one
Why do you go so far from me?
You swore a love that should have never
Have an end for us

In times of sadness
In times of pain
I think of you, my star
With infinite ardor

Why must I have
A bond without hope?
What would you have me do now?
You must tell me

I thank you, dear one
My love, my life
To the grave sorrow, to the dark fear
That disturbed my heart

Sweetly, with love
You have answered to my cries
Forever, every day, forever, everyday
I shall wait for you here