Argonaut Games

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Argonaut Games
Argonaut Games - 01.png
Founded 1982-02-23
Closed 2004-10-01
Headquarters Edgeware, North London, United Kingdom
Other Names
  • Argonaut Software Ltd.

Argonaut Games PLC was an English game development studio founded by Jez San in 1980, and originally named Argonaut Software Ltd. The company got its name from the story of "Jason and the Argonauts", and "J. San" sounds like "Jason". They are perhaps best known for their contributions on the SNES, as they developed the Super FX chip, as well as helping in the development of Star Fox. Outside Nintendo, they are known for Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, as well as games for the Starglider and Harry Potter series.

The company closed its doors in 2004. Some of the development staff would go on to found Rocksteady Studios.


Audio Development


Martin Simpson wrote a custom sound driver, and it was used by him, Justin Scharvona, and Martin Gwynn Jones.

Audio Personnel