Area 7

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Area 7
Output - NES.svg
Blaster Master - NES - Area 7.png
Composer Naoki Kodaka
Arranger Naohisa Morota
Programmer Naohisa Morota, Shinichi Seya
Released 1988-06-17
Length 0:42
Format NSF.png
Game Blaster Master (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Area 7 is a very rapid paced song that plays in the fiery lava tunnels.

This song is also played when you're fighting the final boss once he reveals his true self.

Due to this song's position in the NSF file, it's probable that the song was originally designed as the final boss's music, and not as an area tune. This song is track 13 in the NSF file.

Blaster Master - NES - Final Boss.png