Apple IIGS

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Platform - A2GS.png
Apple IIGS
Apple II GS.jpg
Released: 1986-09-15
Discontinued: 1993-12-??
Developer: Apple Computer
Type: Hardware

The Apple IIGS (AKA The Apple 2 Graphic and Sound) was a successor to the Apple II. Unlike the Apple II family, it was 16-bit, not 8-bit (competing with the Amiga, Atari ST and IBM PC machines). The system featured the external keyboard (similar to the IBM AT/PC). In December of 1993, It was discontinued in favor of the Macintosh LC system.


Music and Sounds

The primary Apple IIGS sound chip was Ensoniq 5503 DOC, designed by Bob Yannes who designed the famous Commodore 64's 6581 a few years ago. The chip allowed digital wavetable synthesis, it has 32 oscillators, allowing 15 stereo independent voices (plus one additional if software does not use OS system sounds).


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As of July 2022, "native" rip formats are rare and probably are applied to only some specific drivers. However, some of the Apple IIGS music is ripped to VGM.