Antarctic Adventure (FC)

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Antarctic Adventure
Antarctic Adventure - FC.jpg
Platform: FC
Year: 1985
Developer: Konami Corporation

Antarctic Adventure was one of Konami's earliest titles for the arcade and was one of the first games to be designed by Hideo Kojima, the same guy behind the Metal Gear series. The game was later ported to the Famicom in 1985. Unfortunately, the USA or Europe never saw a release of this game. The game was planned for a USA release, but it never happened. Konami probably didn't think it would have fared too well in the western countries. Fortunately, the game was ported to the Colecovision, so USA gamers had the opportunity to give it a try. The game was also released on the MSX Computer in Japan, and even appeared on the 3rd and 4th volumes in the Konami GB Collection. The game was later released in Japan and Korea on the Nintendo's Virtual Console.

In this game, you play as a penguin who must get from one country to another. You start out in Antarctica and end up going to different locations around the world such as Australia and France. Along the way you must jump over gaps, collect as much fish as you can and try not to run into the seals that pop out of the water pits.


Antarctic Adventure - FC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Antarctic Adventure - FC - Stage Screen.png

Getting ready to start the first stage.

Antarctic Adventure - FC - Gameplay 1.png

Avoid the water pits!

Antarctic Adventure - FC - Gameplay 2.png

Don't run into the seal!

Antarctic Adventure - FC - Stage Complete.png

Beat the first stage.

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Because this is such an early title, there's not a whole lot of music. The music is ported from the arcade version. The in-game tune is Émile Waldteufel's "The Skaters Waltz". Because this game is such an early title, it wasn't common to put staff credits in arcade games, so the composer is unknown. However, we are currently asking Konami staff who may know who composed the music. Whoever worked on the music may have also programmed it.

Back then, the only way to make NES/Famicom music was to write it in 6502 assembly language.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Press Start Yoshinori SasakiYoshinori Sasaki 0:05
02 The Skater's Waltz Emile WaldteufelYoshinori Sasaki 1:01
03 Stage Complete Yoshinori SasakiYoshinori Sasaki 0:05
04 Time Over Yoshinori SasakiYoshinori Sasaki 0:05


(No Source: Game lacks credits)

Game Rip





The NSF file contains all the music and sound effects for the game. There are a total of 15 tracks; four songs and eleven sound effects.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Antarctic Adventure - FC.jpg
Title: けっきょく南極大冒険 (Antarctic Adventure)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1985-04-22
Publisher: Konami Corporation