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Andrew Parton
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Birth Place United Kingdom
Nationality British   UK.svg

Andrew Paton is a British video game developer from Wales. He started programming in 1987 and his first work was a conversion of the arcade game Flying Shark. In mid-1989, he started working for MicroProse as a software and audio engineer. He primarily worked on MS-DOS, Amiga, and Genesis titles during his time there, and usually worked alongside John Broomhall. In 2000, he started working at Software Creations as a programmer and primarily worked on their PC and XBOX games. In mid-2002, he became an audio and software engineer for Acclaim. A couple years later, he left Acclaim and has been in and out of the games industry since.

Today, Parton is the Head of Programming at CUE Interactive, a company that develops educational and VR software. He currently resides in Cefneithin, Wales.


Released Title Sample Notes
1991-??-?? David Leadbetter's Greens (DOS) Music/Sound Programming
1992-11-?? B-17 Flying Fortress (DOS) Music Programming
1992-??-?? Jump Jet (DOS) Sound Programming
1992-??-?? Sid Meier's Civilization (AMI) With John Broomhall.
1992-??-?? Super Tetris (AMI) With John Broomhall.
Arranged Ed Bogas and Paul Mogg's music.
1992-??-?? World Circuit (DOS) Sound & Music Programming
1993-??-?? B-17 Flying Fortress (DOS) Music Programming
1993-??-?? Dogfight: 80 Years of Aerial Warfare (DOS) Sound Effects
1993-??-?? F-15 Strike Eagle II (GEN) Samples
1993-??-?? Fields of Glory (DOS) Sound
1993-??-?? The Legacy: Realm of Terror (DOS) Music/Sound Programming and Sound with Paul Tongue.
1994-??-?? Fields of Glory (AMI) Sound
1994-??-?? Fields of Glory (CD32) Sound
1994-??-?? Pirates! Gold (CD32) With John Broomhall.
1994-??-?? Transport Tycoon (DOS) Sound Design and Programming
1994-??-?? X-COM: UFO Defense (DOS) Sound
1995-02-28 X-COM: Terror from the Deep (DOS) Sound with Allister Brimble.
1995-10-25 X-COM: UFO Defense (PS1) (エックス コム 未知なる侵略者) Original SFX Design
1995-??-?? Grand Prix II (DOS) With John Broomhall.
1995-??-?? Grand Prix Manager (W16) With Richard Wells and Flynn Leek.
1995-??-?? Transport Tycoon: World Editor (DOS) Sound Programming
1995-??-?? Transport Tycoon Deluxe (W32) Music / Sound Programming, Sound
1996-??-?? Grand Prix Manager 2 (W32) Audio Engineering with Simon Fitzpatrick and Martin Severn.
1997-09-?? Transport Tycoon (PS1) Original Sound Design