Akira Ishiguro

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Akira Ishiguro
Akira Ishiguro - 01.jpg
Local 石黒 彰 (いしぐろ あきら)
Born July 13, 1960
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Akira Ishiguro is a Japanese musician who has been working professionally in the industry for over 2 decades.

Akira started music when he took piano lessons at the age of four. In junior high school, he was mesmerized by Paul McCartney's Jet, which inspired him to pursue music professionally. In junior high, he started a band called Princess Kaguya, in which he was the lead vocalist and guitarist. In high school, he liked hard rock as well as progressive rock. As a result, he admired the works of Keith Emerson.

He later attended the Kunitachi College of Music. After he graduated, he became interested in jazz and fusion, and studied jazz theory. He also ended up working for Korg as a demonstrator, and found success when he joined Yuji Toriyama's band. Ever since, he has performed with popular Japanese artists such as Hiromi Go, Topaz, Yukie Nishimura, EVE, and ELLIS. Akira also plays keyboards for Guthrie Govan when he performs in Japan.

He is probably best known in the world of video games for scoring the soundtrack to Koei's game L'Empereur.

Akira has recently participated in the James Brown Tribute band. He has also composed music for anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and worked with Akira Kamiya.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-03-?? Final Blow (FMT) (ファイナル・ブロー)
1990-07-?? L'Empereur (PC88) (ランペルール)
1990-10-27 L'Empereur (PC98) (ランペルール)
1990-11-?? L'Empereur (X1) (ランペルール)
1990-??-?? L'Empereur (MSX) (ランペルール)
1991-??-?? L'Empereur (DOS)
1991-01-?? L'Empereur (FMT) (ランペルール)
1991-02-19 L'Empereur (X68) (ランペルール)
1991-05-23 L'Empereur (NES) (ランペルール)

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