Akihito Hayashi

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Akihito Hayashi
Local 林 章人 (はやし あきひと)
Birth Place
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Hayashi, Neumann A.H, うるとら むーみん (Ultra Muumin) (?), サル・はやし (Sal/Monkey Hayashi), 林 音人 (Sound Person Hayashi), パピカ ミュージック (Papika Music)

Akihito Hayashi is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked on the soundtracks to many TOSE games around 1989, and continued to work with them during the early 90's. He may have also did sound programming for TOSE. His real name was never credited, but the Canadian Copyright Records give his real name.

His style can usually be recognized because he uses very identical (sometimes the exact same) drum loops.

Audio Development


Akihito wrote in 6502 assembly in TOSE's sound driver.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-12-23 Goal! (NES) (燃えろ!プロサッカー)
1989-01-20 Kyoutarou Nishimura Mystery: Blue Train Satsujin Jiken (FC) (西村京太郎ミステリー ブルートレイン殺人事件)
1989-02-?? Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach (NES)
1989-06-?? Shooting Range (NES)
1989-11-24 Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou (FC) (寺尾のどすこい大相撲)
1989-12-?? Short Order Eggsplode (NES)
1989-12-08 Osomatsu-Kun: Back to the Me no Deppa no Maki (FC) (おそ松くん バックツーザミーの出っ歯) With Yuko Sano and "Needle Sonoda".
1989-12-15 Pinball Quest (NES) (ピンボール クエスト)
1990-02-23 Kyotaro Nishimura: Hokutosei no Onna (ROM2) (西村京太郎ミステリー 北斗星の女) With Yoshiki Nishimura and Tomoko Umebayashi.
1990-03-02 Kyoutarou Nishimura Mystery: Super Express Satsujin Jiken (FC) (西村京太郎ミステリー:スーパーエクスプレス殺人事件)
1990-09-?? NES Play Action Football (NES)
1990-12-?? Play Action Football (GB)
1990-12-18 Dangerous Seed (SMD) (デンジャラスシード) With Yoshiki Nishimura, Yoko Shimokawa, and "Totsukurzwell".
1991-??-12 Magical-Taruruuto-Kun: Fantastic World!! (FC) (まじかるタルるートくん)
1991-04-14 Battle Unit Zeoth (GB) (バトルユニットゼオス) Credited in the game's ROM as "Mr. Hayashi".
1991-10-12 SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Story 2: Hikari no Senshi (FC) (SDガンダム外伝 ナイトガンダム物語2 光の騎士) With Masaru Sakakibara.
1991-12-06 Dodge Boy (GB) (ドッジボーイ)
1996-09-27 Sports Collection (GB) (スポーツ コレクション) Dodge Boy


Because Hayashi worked for TOSE, a company that basked in its secrecy, the few games he was lucky enough to be credited in required him to use aliases.

In Kyotaro Nishimura: Hokutosei no Onna, he is credited as 林 音人 (Hayashi Otohito), which is a play on his first name Akihito, as well as the translation of the given name literally means "sound person".

In Osomatsu-kun, he and the other sound designers are listed under ホスピタル がっきたい or "hospital instruments", and so he uses the moniker こおりまくら はやし (Koorimakura Hayashi), the first word being the Japanese word for "ice pillow".

In Knight Gundam Monogatari 2, he is credited as サル・はやし (Saru Hayashi). There are two different translations, and which one was intended is not clear. Saru is the Japanese word for "Monkey", but it is also the Japanese localization of the name Sal.

In the game Battle Unit Zeoth, the game's staff roll does not list any audio staff. However, if one looks in the game's ROM, the following text can be found along with the rest of the credits:


It is possible Jaleco removed this name (as well as the sound programmer credit) from the game's staff roll at the behest of TOSE.