Age of the Dragon (LIN)

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Age of the Dragon
Platform: Linux
Year: Unreleased
Developer: Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
For other Ultima games see Ultima.

Age of the Dragon was a tribute project created by several fans of the Ultima series. The game was planned to be similar to an Ultima RPG, but lack of interest eventually halted all development. Little remains from the original game. This page is here to honor the audio work that was made.


Development never progressed far enough to get screenshots for this game.


Because Age of the Dragon was an homebrew project, several amateur composers took the oppertunity to create music for the game. The music is still quite rough because the project never saw completion, but the music encompasses all the themes you would expect from a fantasy RPG. The track "Medieval Town" was later resurrected for the game engine, Exult (LIN).


Since the music was never finished or released I won't bother recording the soundtrack.


  • Ripper: Matthew Wong
  • Recorder: N/A
  • Game Credits:
    • Music: Matt Kimmich credited as Thirith Dragon
    • Music: Drug & Missile Dragon
    • Music: Gingerbread Dragon
    • Music: Highwayman
    • Music: Most Violent Dragon
    • Music: Nick Mooney
    • Music: Silhouette Dragon

(Source: Matthew Wong's web site)

Game Rip






The music was downloaded from Matthew Wong's archive site. Tracks 0-7 are the work of Glenn Lemon (Highwayman). Tracks 9-18 were composed by Matt Kimmich (Thirith Dragon). Track 19 was written by Greg Alovacek (Gingerbread Dragon). Tracks 20-26 were composed by Matthew Wong (Silhouette Dragon). Tracks 27-30 are the work of MX (Drug & Missile Dragon). Nick Mooney composed track 31. Thomas Neumann (Most Violent Dragon) composed tracks 32-37. All the MIDI files are type 1.


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Title: Age of the Dragon
Platform: Linux
Released: Unreleased
Publisher: N/A