Adventures of Lolo 3 (NES)

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Adventures of Lolo 3
AdventuresofLolo3 NES NA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1991
Developer: HAL Laboratory, Inc.
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Adventures of Lolo 3 is a puzzle game for the NES. It is the third and final installment of the Adventures of Lolo series for the NES. This installment is very different. The game does not have extra lives nor a game over screen. Instead, you pause the game to see what your password is. The new feature is the overview map screen and the tutorial with their grandfather. The player can ether control Lolo or Lala at any time until Level 13, And then, one gets kidnapped and the rest has to be ether Lolo rescues Lala or Lala rescues Lolo. Another different is the password is 16-digit rather than 4-digit. A new enemy was added in the game, Moby the whale. The whale that can suck you.


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# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 In Game Music Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 3:00