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Acclaim - 01.png
Founded 1987-??-??
Closed 2004-09-01
Headquarters Long Island, New York, USA
Other Names Acclaim Entertainment
Acclaim Games
Acclaim Studios
Acclaim Japan

Acclaim was a highly-successful video game developer and publisher. They were founded in Long Island, New York in 1987. The company started out solely as a publisher, but as time went on and the company's success grew, they started to buy many game development houses, renaming them to their divisions. The company even had a division in Japan for both computer games and console games, Kabushikigaisha Akureimu Japan (株式会社アクレイムジャパン), or, Acclaim Japan Co., Ltd.

The company filed for bankruptcy on September 1, 2004, and subsequently closed their doors.



Here is a list of Acclaim's divisions, as well as their former names:


These are the various names and publisher names Acclaim used:

  • Acclaim Coin-Operated Entertainment
  • Acclaim Distribution
  • Lazer-Tron
  • LJN (Acquired by Acclaim)
  • Flying Edge (for Sega games)
  • Arena Entertainment (for Sega games)
  • Acclaim Sports
  • Club Acclaim
  • AKA Acclaim


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