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AGI Sound Edit
Player - AGI Sound Edit.png
Creator Ronnie Harpaz
Released 2000
Platform DOS

AGI Sound Edit is a program that allows you to edit and play SND (Sierra) audio files. The program comes with several example SND files ripped from various AGI games.

AGI Sound Edit doesn't support the PCjr 3 Voice or Tandy 3 Voice, but it does emulate them fairly accurately through the Sound Blaster. It does, however, PC Speaker playback natively. AGI Sound Edit does not support the fourth noise channel found in the PCjr and Tandy 3 Voice protocols, but it doesn't appear like any of the AGI games supported this feature either.

Selecting the PC speaker option will limit you to only a single audio channel at once. Though you can switch between the three channels, AGI games always use the first channel when playing through the PC speaker.

NOTE: There is a bug with the auto detection for Sound Blaster. If you're running at more than 3600 cycles a second, the auto detect will fail and the program will crash. So, if you're running DOSBox, set the CPU cycles down to 3500 before running the program. Once the program launches, you can bump the CPU cycles back up.


Version Download Platform
1.0 Download - (info) DOS