4x4 Off-Road Racing

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4x4 Off-Road Racing
4x4 Off-Road Racing.png
Founded 1988-0?-??
Last Release 1989-??-??

4x4 Off-Road Racing is a single-player racing game developed by Ogdon Micro Design for the Commodore 64. Ports were made to the bulk of the home computers of the time. Two primary versions were made, the original full-graphic game for the more powerful computers, and a slimmed down version for weaker computers.


4x4 Off-Road Racing (Original)

4x4 Off-Road Racing (Slim)

All of these three versions hide the comment "COPYRIGHT D.G.COOKE & S.B.MARSDEN 1988" and use Mark Cooksey's first music driver. According to CPC-POWER, Cooke and Marsden programmed as Spidersoft, especially for Gremlin Graphics.

Notable Songs

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4x4 Off-Road Racing
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Notable Songs 4x4 Off-Road Racing Theme • Taps
Notable Companies Ogdon Micro Design • Epyx • U.S. Gold