3D Hot Rally

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3D Hot Rally
3D Hot Rally Soundtrack CD.jpg
Local 3Dホットラリー
Released 1988-07-25
Publisher Bourbon Records, Tokuma Japan
Country Japan   Japan.svg
Catalog 32BTC-203 (CD), 28BCP-2049 (Cassette), 28BLC-3049 (Vinyl)
Games Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (FDS)

3D Hot Rally is the official soundtrack album for the game Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (FDS). It contains both arrangements, as well as recordings of the game's music interspersed with engine noise. This was the same case with the HAL Game Music CD, as well as featuring arrangements by Masao Hiruma. Only the title theme and two in-game tunes are arranged in this album, while the rest are recorded directly from the game, though there are a couple that have differences from the retail version of the game. The recordings from the game also feature both realistic engine noise as well as sounds made by the Disk System throughout the song.

The booklet is very minimalistic in design, only containing liner notes for the arranged tracks on the album, as well as credits for those who participated in the creation of the album.

Though the game credits sound to Hideki Kanazashi, Hiroaki Suga, and Soyo Oka, the album gives specific composition credits only to Kanazashi and Oka, suggesting Suga was only the sound driver programmer.

The CD has the official names of the songs both in Japanese and English.

The booklet says this about the track Pit Circus:

長い長い争いのなかに、もうひとつの戦いがある。 はなやかな宴の陰で、もうひとつの祭りが動く。 そこにいる人間という人間が、知力を注ぎ五感を尽くして組み上げる、炎の色の離れ技。 歓喜に狂う瞬間まで、踊って踊って踊りつづけるか。 手を滑らせて、冷たい地面を寝台に果てるか。 そこでは、そのふた踊りしか、選ぶ道はないという。

Another battle in a long, long struggle. Behind the colorful banquet, another festival is in full swing. It is a detached technique of the color of flame, created by the human beings there, who pour their intellect and use all their senses to create it. Do we keep dancing and dancing and dancing until the moment we go crazy with joy? Will your hand slip and the cold ground will be the fruit of your sleep? There, he said, the only way to choose is to dance those two dances.


# Title Composer Arranger Length
01 Monster Dance (Arrange) Soyo Oka Masao Hiruma 4:32
02 Wind Commander (Arrange) Hideki Kanazashi Masao Hiruma 5:58
03 Pit Circus Hideki Kanazashi Masao Hiruma 5:59
04 Opening Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 2:07
05 Game Select Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 0:26
06 Just Start Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 0:53
07 Fireball Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 4:39
08 Wind Commander Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 5:22
09 Monster Dance Soyo Oka Hideki Kanazashi? 3:28
10 Goal In ~ Congratulation Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 1:07
11 Message Hideki Kanazashi Hideki Kanazashi 1:49