32 Sound

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32 Sound
Player - 32 Sound.png
Creator Accolade
Released 1993-??-??
Platform DOS

32 Sound, sometimes referred to as ProSound, is a command-line DOS program created by Accolade to play their MUS and SPK audio files on a specified audio device.

You run the program with the specified output device and the file you want to play.

32SOUND.EXE /soundcard# [/m#] [filename{.mus|.spk}]

The supported sound cards include:

  1. PC Speaker
  2. AdLib
  3. MPU401 MIDI
  4. AdLib Gold 1000
  5. Microsoft Sound
  6. Pro AudioSpectrum
  7. Sound Blaster Pro
  8. Sound Blaster

The optional argument /m# specifies on which IRQ you want to play the MPU and is only needed when you select the MPU401 MIDI output.


Version Download Platform
1993 Download - (info) DOS