3-Channel Sound Unit

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3-Channel Sound Unit
3-Channel Sound Unit - Ad - 03.jpg
Developer: DK Tronics
Released: 1984-0?-??
Type: External Device
Slot: Edge connector
Platforms: Platform - ZXS.png

The 3-Channel Sound Unit is a peripheral for the ZX Spectrum 8-bit home computer. Advertised as Three Channel Sound Synthesiser, it was available "from department stores and good computer shops everywhere" or the manufacturer for £29.95 in 1984 and 1985, or £24.95 in 1987.

On top are a jack, and a volume control turned using a small screwdriver. Inside is an AY-3-8912 programmable sound generator (possibly replaceable by an AY-3-8913). The "Beep" can be played through the unit. Unlike earlier competitors, there is no joystick port, but on the back is a passthrough to plug another Spectrum peripheral in. Apart from that, the 3-Channel Sound Unit is compatible with the one year earlier Fuller Box.

Enclosed were a 4-inch speaker with 1 m cable, a tape cassette, and a 7-page manual. Altogether, they offer a music editor for 16K and 48K RAM (advertised as "free music designer cassette", labeled "SOUND DESIGNER"), six examples (a single tone (middle C) on channel A, a chord using all 3 channels, waves, shots, drums, and Scarborough Fair), and a note table tuned for 1.0 Mhz platforms.


This page should list only games that target the 3-Channel Sound Unit directly. Games that use Fuller Box are assumed to sound identical, only joysticks may not work.

Release Game Sample
1987-1?-?? Plum Duff (ZXS)

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Emulation Status

No emulators and players are known to target the 3-Channel Sound Unit directly, but except for joysticks, Fuller Box emulation is assumed identical.