1 Player B - Tetris 2 (NES)

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1 Player B
Composer Mitsuhiko Takano, Miyuki Uemura
Released 1993-09-21
Title Origin Game Location

1 Player B is the second of three choices of music during the 1 Player mode of both the Game Boy and NES versions of Tetris 2. It is the third song the player will hear in the game.

The song was written by Mitsuhiko Takano and/or Miyuki Uemura in 6502 assembly on a computer. The composers should be contacted for an official title.


The song is a ballad, interestingly in the 5/8 time signature, and is in the key of C major. The first square wave serves as the lead and the second square wave serves as the melody. The song starts off with the first square wave playing a G, and F, and then into the Verse. The Verse of the song cycles between C and G/B. At about 0:11 is an interlude with some grace notes on the lead, which plays twice. At about 0:21 is the Outro, which plays the chords F, C/E, D, and G, and then loops back to where the first E note in the lead is played.


Tetris 2 (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Tetris 2 (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Output - NES.svg
Tetris 2 - NES - Gameplay 1.png
Arranger Mitsuhiko Takano, Miyuki Uemura
Released 1993-09-21
Length 0:27 (NTSC) / 0:24 (PAL)
BPM 113 (NTSC) / 126 (PAL)
Format NSF
Loops Yes

The PAL version plays faster and is a half-step flat.

Tetris 2 (GB)

Platform - GB.png
Tetris 2 (GB)
Output - Game Boy.svg
Tetris 2 - GB - Gameplay 1.png
Arranger Mitsuhiko Takano, Miyuki Uemura
Released 1993-12-??
Length 0:27
BPM 113
Format GBS
Loops Yes

The song is on par with the NES original, but the lead melody plays an octave higher.