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180 - C64 - UK.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1986
Developer: Binary Design Limited
This page is about the Commodore 64 version. For other games in this series, see 180.

180 (a.k.a. Pub Darts on North American boxes) is a well-constructed, yet simplistic, darts game. You can play with two human players or single player against a computer opponent, but the only game you can play is the standard 501 point game of darts. To aim, you move a hand around the board, but you can't adjust throwing speed. To keep things interesting the AI opponents in each tournament have their own cartoon faces and playing styles.


180 - C64 - Loading.png

The loading screen.

180 - C64 - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

180 - C64 - Opponents.png

Please wait, computer looking at opponents...

180 - C64 - 501.png

501, with simulated handwriting!

180 - C64 - Opponent.png

Five out of eight Commodores have a beer belly.

180 - C64 - Clock.png

Round the Clock from 1 to 20 in US version.


180's title music is nice and catchy, and there is also a short fanfare when a human gamer wins a leg. Also hidden in memory (but half overwritten) is Defcom (C64) from the same composer.

When you get three triple-20s (without bust) in a single turn, an announcer shouts "One hundred eighty!" The quality is very low (6795 Hz on PAL C64s, 7053 Hz on NTSC C64s, 4-bit, in 5 KB), and it's very difficult to understand what the words are, but it's still impressive that the developers rendered a human voice on a PSG. Routledge wrote in the European version's scroller that he wanted to do the speech himself, but didn't sound northern enough.

The title song also plays as you watch the computer opponent take its turn after you. In very rare releases, that rendition ends at 0:07 with a deep major chord, forming a separate third track known as Waiting.


All songs were recorded:

  1. with PAL.
  2. from the Three on One compilation running in VICE 3.7.1 with C64 NTSC.

The VGMPF considers C64 old NTSC too similar.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
101 Title David Whittaker 1:43
102 Set Start David Whittaker 0:25
103 Waiting David Whittaker 0:11
# Title Composer Length Listen Download
201 Title David Whittaker 1:27
202 Set Start David Whittaker 0:22
203 Waiting David Whittaker 0:09


(Source: title scroller.)

Game Rip






The fourth track in the rip is the speech.

Ripping Commodore 64 music is a very complex process that is beyond the scope of this site.

Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip. The speech is very quiet on the 8580 revision.

On NTSC C64s, everything is automatically 65 cents higher (tuning all songs at 457 Hz, closer to C♯), and 19% faster (or 22% on old NTSC C64s).


Three versions exist:

  1. In the most common one, Waiting does not exist and Title plays instead. Also, the double-out has two bugs.
  2. In a very rare version (probably included on Fantastic Four), both is changed.
  3. At least on Three on One, the board is shorter and darker. The loading and menu screens still say "180" rather than "Pub Darts".
  UK.svg   UK
180 - C64 - UK.jpg
Title: 180
Platform: Commodore 64/128
Released: 1986-1?-??
Publisher: Mastertronic Limited
  USA.svg   USA
Pub Darts - C64.jpg
Title: Pub Darts
Platform: Commodore 64/128 Diskette
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Entertainment USA
  UK.svg   UK
Fantastic Four - C64.jpg
Title: Fantastic Four
Platform: Commodore 64/128
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Mastertronic
  USA.svg   USA
Three on One - C64.jpg
Title: Three on One
Platform: Commodore 64/128•Diskette
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Mastertronic, Inc.
  Germany.svg   Germany
Die 3er Reihe 5 - C64.jpg
Title: Die 3er Reihe 5 (The row of 3 5)
Platform: Commodore • C64-128
Released: 1991-0?-??
Publisher: Virgin Games


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Notable Songs Title • Set Start • Waiting
Notable Personnel David Whittaker • Jason Brooke
Notable Companies Binary Design • Mastertronic