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Founded 1986-??-??
Last Release 1989-??-??

180 (8-bit), World Darts (16-bit) or Pub Darts (American C64 boxes) is a video game version of the popular darts game, 501, and on 8-bit, also Around the Clock. It was ported to several different platforms from 1986–1989.

The soundtrack was arranged by David Whittaker and Jason Brooke, both employees at game creator Binary Design until 1987 and then co-directors of Musicon Design. Jason Brooke has confirmed his arrangement of original David Whittaker work.


Notable Songs

  • Title - Title theme for almost all releases.
  • Set Start - Short fanfare at each set for most releases.
  • Waiting - Short jingle when opponent throws, often replaced by Title.

Notable Audio Personnel

Notable Companies


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Notable Songs Title • Set Start • Waiting
Notable Personnel David Whittaker • Jason Brooke
Notable Companies Binary Design • Mastertronic