Toshio Kai

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Toshio Kai
Local 甲斐敏夫 (かい としお)
Born 1943-??-??
Birth Place Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Toshio Kai was born in Hiroshima Prefecture. He attended and graduated from the Tama Art University, Department of Design. In 1970, Kai started working at Nakamura Seisakusho as a graphic artist. When the company changed their name to Namco, he designed their logo. He also served as the head of the design office of Namco.

While Kai's name isn't well-known, he is best known for composing the music and sound to the arcade game Pac-Man.


Released Title Platform Notes
1979-??-?? Galaxian (ARC) (ギャラクシアン)
With Shigeichi Ishimura.
1980-05-22 Pac-Man (ARC) (パックマン)
1980-10-?? Rally-X (ARC) (ラリーX) All songs except "High Score BGM" by Nobuyuki Ohnogi.
1983-??-?? Pac-Man (C64) Arranged by Unknown.
1984-11-02 Pac-Man (NES) (パックマン)
Arranged by Junko Ozawa.
1987-11-?? Pac-Mania (ARC) (パックマニア)
Composer of original Pac-Man score.
Arranged by Junko Ozawa, Yuriko Keino, and Yoshito Tomuro.