Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES)

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Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Little Nemo - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1990
Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.
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Little Nemo: The Dream Master is a platform action adventure game based on the 1905 comic strip Little Nemo In Slumberland. The game's story is cute; in Nemo's dreams Princess Camille has invited him to play with her in Slumberland. She's given him a huge bag of candy to help him journey to meet her. You must make your way through several stages of Slumberland to meet her including the Mushroom Forest, the Flower Garden, the House of Toys, and many more.

To defend yourself against the denizens of Slumberland, you throw candy at them. Some of the creatures in the game will let you ride on them if you feed them candy, lending you their unique special powers. In each stage you must find and collect several keys to open the door to the next stage. The game has a special allure, but unfortunately, it is exceedingly difficult and has a very sharp learning curve. Few players have the patience to make it very far in the game, and even the most skilled of players have trouble inching past the falling spike ceilings and the annoying puff-ball floaters.

The game's difficulty aside, it has the artistic touches that NES players came to expect from Capcom. The graphics and music were top notch for the time and the game play is quite unique.


Little Nemo - NES - Title.png

The game's title screen.

Little Nemo - NES - Prologue.png

It all happened one night in 1905.

Little Nemo - NES - Mushroom Forest.png

Tossing candy at a spiked snail in the Mushroom Forest while a toad waits to give me a ride.

Little Nemo - NES - Nemo Sleeps.png

Poor little guy's is all tuckered out.

Little Nemo - NES - Flower Garden.png

Hobnobbing through area 2, the Flower Garden.

Little Nemo - NES - House of Toys.png

Avoiding the dive-bombers on a train in the House of Toys.


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Little Nemo - NES - Album Art.jpg

The last NES soundtrack Junko Tamiya composed was not originally planned for her, as she had just started work scoring Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (NES). However, due to a change of plans, she was given the task of composing the entire soundtrack for Little Nemo: The Dream Master concurrently with Street Fighter 2010.

In an interview, Tamiya mentioned that the flighty atmosphere of the game initially presented a challenge as it required a sound unlike anything she had done prior. However, once she began working with the new genre, she found it very easy to imagine how songs should sound and the music flowed out smoothly.

The finished product captures the imaginative world of Slumberland with each stage having its own fitting theme as well as several jingles to add flavor.

While the animated movie, Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland, featured a full score--no part of the movie's music appears to be used in the game.

One track from the NSF rip doesn't seem to be played anywhere in the game. If you know when this song is played please let us know.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Prologue Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:57
02 Title Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:21
03 Game Start Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:01
04 Mushroom Forest Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:30
05 Flower Garden Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:52
06 House of Toys Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:07
07 Night Sea Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:07
08 Nemo's House Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:23
09 Cloud Ruins Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:06
10 Topsy-Turvy Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:09
11 Nightmare Land Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 2:05
12 Stage Clear Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:02
13 Nemo Sleeps Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:05
14 Talking With Camille Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:49
15 Boss Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:52
16 Death Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:01
17 Final Boss Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:12
18 Game Over Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:04
19 Ending Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 1:46
20 Unknown Junko TamiyaJunko Tamiya 0:44


(Source, alias verified by staff.)

Game Rip



NSF.png NSFE.png



The recording was made using Nosefart 2.3 in Winamp 5.

Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  USA.svg   USA
Little Nemo - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Platform: NES
Released: 1990-09-??
Publisher: Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
  Japan.svg   Japan
Little Nemo - NES - Japan.jpg
Title: NEMO: パジャマヒーロー (Nemo: Pajama Hero)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1990-12-07
Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.
  Germany.svg   Germany
Little Nemo - NES - Germany.jpg
Title: Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Platform: NES
Released: 1991-12-21
Publisher: Capcom Co., Ltd.