Digital Sound System

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Digital Sound System (DSS)
Software - DSS.png
Creator Sergey Sapelin
Released 1996-06-??
Platform DOS

Digital Sound System (DSS) is a freeware all-in-one player, converter and audio recorder for DOS created by Sergey Sapelin in June, 1996.

It can play and convert any supported input format to any supported output format (see Supported Formats). Also it supports various audio devices which can be used for playback and recording audio. DSS also can read M3U playlist files.

The newer version uses wavetable synthesis to play MIDI music though it requires Gravis UltraSound GF1 patch files or SF2 SoundFont which are not included.

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Supported Formats

Container Format Can convert to
CD Red Book CD Audio No
MIDI Type 0 No
Type 1 No
Type 2 No
MPEG-1 MP1 (Layer 1) No
MP2 (Layer 2) No
MP3 (Layer 3) Yes
CCITT A-law Yes
CCITT mu-law Yes
Microsoft ADPCM Yes


Audio Devices

Device Playback Record
Creative Sound Blaster series Yes Yes
Windows Sound System Yes Yes
ESS AudioDrive series Yes Yes
Aztech SoundGalaxy series Yes Yes
OPTi audio chips Yes Yes
Gravis UltraSound Yes Yes
Gravis UltraSound Max Yes Yes
PC Speaker Yes No
Covox Speech Thing Yes No



Software version number 3.0 (3.-1) wasn't changed since April 2000, but there are two most known versions of DSS (release dates were obtained from the exit screen):

Version Download Platform Notes
2006-08-24 Download - (info) DOS Unofficial newer release.
2003-09-08 Download - (info) DOS Without MP3 encoder and MIDI synthesizer.