Zone 66 (DOS)

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Zone 66
Zone 66 - DOS - USA.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1993
Developer: Renaissance
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Zone 66 is a top-down futuristic dog-fighting shooter. You play the role of a pilot whose home town is bombed, leaving your wife and child dead. Upon learning who the culprit is, you hop into your jet and wage war on the terrorists who killed your family. The game is a relatively straight-forward shooter. You choose from numerous ships and weapons which combination will be suitable in each level. As you defeat the terrorist bases, new parts of the story are revealed.


Zone 66 - DOS - Main Menu.png

Zone 66's title screen and main menu.

Zone 66 - DOS - Opening.png

The image every player remembers from the opening.

Zone 66 - DOS - Kaboom!.png

Well that's gonna leave a mark.

Zone 66 - DOS - Episodes.png

The first four episodes of the game.

Zone 66 - DOS - Foreign Shores.png

The first episode takes place in a jungle.

Zone 66 - DOS - Ice Wind.png

Using my special zooming speed in the frozen land of Ice Wind.


Since Zone 66 was made by a demoscene company, the music had a particularly strong focus. The same developers who made the game were also responsible for making several music trackers. Rather than simply force music designed to play on the Sound Blaster through other devices, a much higher fidelity soundtrack was composed for the UltraSound version, some songs were even completely remade.


Those tracks that begin with a 1 are recordings of the Gravis UltraSound soundtrack, those beginning with a 2 are recordings of the Creative Sound Blaster soundtrack.

Issue - Timing.svg

There are issues with the timing of this recording.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
101 Zone 66 Theme Kenny Chou 3:55
102 Foreign Shores Kenny Chou 1:17
103 Ice Wind Kenny Chou 1:42
104 Desert Heat Kenny Chou 1:23
105 War Plains Kenny Chou 1:00
106 Highway Fury Kenny Chou 1:30
107 Plantation Crash Kenny Chou 1:26
108 Hell Kenny Chou 2:15
109 Final Frontier Kenny Chou 1:24
110 Zim Kenny Chou 1:29
# Title Composer Length Listen Download
201 Zone 66 Theme Kenny Chou 1:08
202 Foreign Shores Kenny Chou 1:41
203 Ice Wind Kenny Chou 2:02
204 Desert Heat Kenny Chou 1:50
205 War Plains Kenny Chou 1:57
206 Highway Fury Kenny Chou 1:09
207 Plantation Crash Kenny Chou 1:53
208 Hell Kenny Chou 2:15
209 Final Frontier Kenny Chou 1:22
210 Zim Kenny Chou 2:06



Game Rip








Zone 66 uses CDFM format for music. However, the CDFM Tracker was never released to the public, and the format was never properly documented, so the recording was made during actual game play. The rip includes both the game's original compressed files and the decompressed files as well as a conversion to S3M to make the music more accessible.

The music exists in three different versions for the UltraSound, Sound Blaster, and AdLib. This is true for all but two of the songs, Foreign Shores and War Plains. These two don't feature PCM audio, so the AdLib and Sound Blaster versions share the same file.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - Pro AudioSpectrum.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - UltraSound.png


Icon - Pro AudioSpectrum.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png Icon - UltraSound.png

(Sources: 1, 2)

Some devices are auto-detected, but others require a special command line parameter. The game's help documentation explains how to get each device working. While the documentation requires you to differentiate between true Sound Blasters and imitations, it will probably be compatible with really good knock-offs including the Pro AudioSpectrum, which the game's documentation says can work. Since the AdLib and Sound Blaster cards use the same FM synthesis chips, the music should be the same on both, the only difference is that you won't get sound effects with the AdLib setting.


  USA.svg   USA
Zone 66 - DOS - USA.jpg
Title: Zone 66
Platform: DOS
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Epic MegaGames, Inc.