Yuji Suzuki

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Yuji Suzuki
Yuji Suzuki - 1.jpg
Local 鈴木 雄司 (すずき ゆうじ)
Born November 11, 1963
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Y.Suzuki
Yuji S.

Yuji Suzuki was born in Tokyo Japan. He started working for Data East in the 80's, and the first game he did the music for was Soccer League Winner's Cup for the Famicom. Suzuki often worked with Shogo Sakai, Takafumi Miura, and Masaaki Iwasaki, and other composers, so it's difficult to tell which specific songs he worked on in each game.

Music Development


Shogo Sakai arranged Suzuki's music to the Famicom and Game Boy.


Released Title Sample
1988-08-12 Soccer League: Winner's Cup (FC) (サッカーリーグ:ウィナーズカップ)
1988-12-16 Captain Silver (FC) (キャプテンシルバー)
1989-01-31 Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing (NES) (World Grand Prix: Pole to Finish)
1989-04-01 Majou Hakkenden Shada (TG16) (魔界八犬伝シャダ)
1989-07-14 Bad Dudes (NES) (ドラゴンニンジャ)
1989-08-25 RoboCop (NES)
1989-09-01 Bloody Wolf (TG16) (ならず者戦闘部隊 ブラッディウルフ)
1989-12-23 Herakles no Eikou: Titan no Metsubou (FC) (ヘラクレスの栄光 タイタンの滅亡)
1990-03-02 Heavy Barrel (NES)
1990-03-23 Boulder Dash (NES) (ボルダーダッシュ)
1990-05-11 Lock N' Chase (GB) (ロックンチェイス)
1990-09-21 Side Pocket (GB) (サイドポケット)
1990-09-28 Tantei Saburo Jinguji: Toki no Sugiyuku Mama Ni… (FC) (探偵神宮寺三郎 時の過ぎゆくままに…)
1991-03-29 Silent Debuggers (TG16) (サイレント デバッガーズ)
1993-04-23 Operation Logic Bomb: The Ultimate Search & Destroy (SNES) (怒りの要塞)

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